Summer Selection

Opening: Aug. 4th

Date: Aug 3rd to Sep 3rd

韩锋-烟囱 Han Feng-The Chimney
韩锋-排风扇 Han Feng-The Exhaust Fan
韩锋-通风管道 Han Feng-The Exhaust Duct
柴一茗-玄怪录 Chai Yiming-The story of ghosts
David Demers-来自木星的花朵1Flowers from Jupiter1
David Demers-来自木星的花朵2Flowers from Jupiter2
董文胜-花园里的男人 Dong Wensheng-Man in the garden
曾力-北京明十三陵.康陵1 Zeng Li-Ming Dynasty Tombs Kangling1
曾力-北京明十三陵.康陵2 Zeng Li-Ming Dynasty Tombs Kangling2
丁蓓莉-岸 Ding Beili-Shore
徐小国-龙段 Xu Xiaoguo-The Part of Dragon
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